English information

Just for everyone who cannot read Dutch (and does not like to use google translate to translate the information on my website…) I will briefly inform you on me and the classes Dance and TaiChi that I facilitate.

Short introduction on Biodanza, TaiChiDans and FamilieDans

Biodanza is a dancing method developed in the years 1970/1980 in Southern America. The founder Rolando Toro Araneda was born in Chili, lived in Argentinia and Italy. This dancing method is a well devoloped method with sources varying from Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, biology, neurology, Greek mythology and the eastern TAO. Each dancing class takes app 1,5 hour and consists of active dances which improve your vitality and relaxing dances which gives your body permission to relax and unstress.

TaiChiDans is a dancing method developed by me, Marieke Annink. It consists of exercices from the method TaiChiChoice I learned with Martin Wessels, TaiChiMaster, based in Enschede, knowledge of meridians I learned with Bert Zandbergen, accupuncturist, based in Enschede and Biodanza exercices from the method of Rolando Toro Araneda. This class of approximately 1 to 1,5 hours will rebalance your system.

FamilieDans is based upon the extension Children Biodanza that I learned with Monica Turco in 2019. A creative class of 1 hour in which we dance according to the method of Biodanza and in which we express our creativity in a drawing or in clay.

TaiChi is my way of practising Qi Gong and TaiChiChoice with the 5 elements. I learned a lot from my teachers Martin Wessels and Simone Elschot. I like to teach TaiChi as an easy way tot connect to the five elements and rebalance the meridians in the body.

Facilitator Marieke Annink

I was born in Borne, Netherlands and lived in France during my studies, so I am fluent in French. You can hire me as a translator of Dance classes. In the past years I translated Biodanza schoolweekends of Ricardo Toro and Nadia Costa Robin. During my studies at the HEAO (Management and Economics) I loved rowing and playing improvisational theatre. Furthermore I like to draw and paint just for fun. (no artistic ambitions there…) I also love gardening and living and eco-friendly life.

Would you like to contact me, you can write an e-mail to marieke @ taichidans.nu or send an message to my mobile: +31 6 3305 7677